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BTG Custom Blades


    Chief instructor Jason Malik is a bladesmith who focuses on combat ready blades that can be carried daily. His martial arts experience carries over into the practicality and functionality of his designs. Many of the blades he makes are custom commissions for individual clients, however he has his own designs as well that can be customized for you. Below are some photos of the custom combat ready prototype "Raptor" series Karambit he designed for Escrima Grandmaster Rene Latosa, as well as some of his other work. You can check out BTG Custom Cutlery on Facebook or @BTG.Custom.Blades on Instagram for more up to date and in depth bladesmithing content or questions, or email BTGCustomBlades@gmail.com

    If you would like to purchase a custom blade, please email BTGCustomBlades@gmail.com so we can discuss options and get you a quote.


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