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First Houston Wing Chun Symposium


First Annual Texas Wing Tsun Beach retreat



Wing Chun Trinity worldwide events and competitions to be announced.

USA National Director: Jason Malik (Texas Wing Tsun, Houston, TX)

West Coast Regional Director: Phillip Redmond (Traditional Wing Chun Kwoon Academy, Los Angelos, CA)

Midwest Regional Director: Shawn McGuire (Naptown Wing Chun, Indianapolis, IN)

East Coast Regional Director: Adam Prato (Wing Chun Brotherhood, New York, NY)

Southern/Gulf Coast Regional Director: Jason Malik (Texas Wing Tsun, Houston, TX)

International Officers:

Alan Orr (Alan Orr Wing Chun Academy, Tauranga, New Zealand)

Vik Hothi (IMAS Martial Arts, London, UK)

Technical Advisor: Robert Chu (Pasadena, CA)



August 14-17, 2020, Galveston, TX.

Details to be announced soon.








Texas Wing Tsun seminar with Si-Fu Brad Wohlner (2-day event!)

This will be the first official seminar for Texas Wing Tsun! We will be bringing Si-Fu Bradford Wohlner (4th TG) from the Monterrey Wing Tsun Academy in Monterrey, Mexico for this stupendous 2 day event. (April 15th & 16th)

This event will be open to the public, all schools, all lineages, all styles, all skill levels. If anyone has an interest in learning Wing Tsun (Wing Chun/Ving Tsun) Kung Fu, they are more than welcome to come check us out. There will be tons of great training for practitioners of all levels. For those with no martial arts experience, this is for you too!

For the students of Texas Wing Tsun, this will be your first grading seminar! *CONGRATS!*

Location: Texas Wing Tsun (Inside Attaway's Gym)
Cost: $75
When: April 15th & 16th, 11-4 both days

Bring sparring gear if you have it.

Si-Fu Bradford Wohlner, 4th level Technician Grade (Leung Ting lineage), started training Wing Tsun in the EWTO organization of Sweden, where Sifu Emin Boztepe was the chief instructor. His student, Patrik G was Bradford's teacher under Grandmaster Keith Kernsprecht. Sifu Bradford trained under EWTO for over 20 years, but now is independent and under the mentorship of Dai-Sifu Tam Yiu Ming. Sifu Brad has trained with many great practitioners, including Grandmaster Cheng Chuen Fun, Sifu Emin Boztepe, Sifu Chris Collins, and Sifu Salvador Sanchez. He has trained and taught in Sweden, England, Hong Kong, the USA, and Mexico. With over 30 years of experience in Wing Tsun, he now runs the Wing Tsun Academy in Stockholm, Sweden and Monterrey, Mexico with Sifu Rafael Alins. Sifu Bradford oversees the instruction and curriculum at Texas Wing Tsun.

If anyone would like private lessons with Si-Fu Brad, please message me for details.

Texas Wing Tsun
IG: @TexasWingTsun



Sunday, January 29th, 12-6pm

Meng's Martial Arts of Katy / Wing Chun Kung Fu
1203 Price Plaza Dr, Katy, Texas 77449

A Wing Chun Kung Fu Symposium taught by five different Houston area Sifus (Master-Teachers) to the entire group, including all participating Sifus and their participating students.

All are welcome, whether current Wing Tsun/Wing Chun students or not. This is a first-of-its-kind event in the United States! Come and see, learn, and train Wing Chun Kung Fu at its best. You will never forget this event!!

-$60 per student- this should be paid at the door with cash in an envelope.
-SiFus admission is free
-The public is free- welcomed as watchers to the event all day.

We are all coming from different lineages. We are not forcing anyone to change they way they train or to take another teachers advice over their own SiFus. This event will open opportunities to cross train, drill, spar, and network with local Wing Chun practitioners!

There will be sparring, so bring full gear.

We will all be signing a safety waiver to participate.

We have five SiFus participating- each will have their own specific area to teach.

We are welcoming the SiFus and students to talk about any topic they would like to share. You are welcomed to promote your buisness- as long as the topic has to do with helping people become better martial artist.



Wing Chun Seminar:

Teaching Instructor(s):

Sifu Pham

Master Vu

Location: 1550 S Custer Rd

McKinney, TX 75070

Saturday, February 18th 2017

Time: 3PM-6PM

Participation Price: $75.00


***Warm Ups***

Intro to Wing Chun -
a. Tan/Bong, Fook/Bong, Tan/Gaung, Fook/Gaung with continuation chain punches and cross hand maneuvers

Flow Drills in Pairs -
a. Chain punching on pads, cross hand punching with a partner and knee striking

Basic Trapping -
a. Taking the flow drills and applying them to application in trapping range

Real Life Scenarios Base Training and Escape –
a. We will apply what we’ve learned in scenario base situations against commonly used grabs, holds, and punches

Homework and Q&A secession -
a. Simple techniques to take home

b. Please take this time to ask any questions

Foot Note: Please Reserve your spot by paying in advance (Dm Master Vu with your method of payment)



More To Be Announced






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